Sunday, November 06, 2005

Part 2

I know that at Archer there was the trickle down effect.
It started from management which of course made the staff grumpy and in turn made the residents grumpy.
I did have 2 days where things went really well and on both of those days I had asked God to bind any thing that wasn't of him over the place, and those 2 days were really good, everyone seemed to be in a good mood.
My problem is I'm not so good in the mornings to remember to do this every time I went to work.

There was a lot of spiritual stuff going on there. Being pregnant and tied all the time. I didn't have the Energy to focus on asking God what the issues were and praying through them as well as doing my job.
That I do feel bad about but I just don't have the Energy at this point in time to be doing that sort of thing.

I know that in time God will place someone else there to do some spiritual warfare, or maybe after the baby is born he'll still use me. At this time I don't have the energy.


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