Monday, April 16, 2007

Well my last 2 weeks have been very busy. Last weekend was Easter camp, I helped with night shift security. The camp had a very different atmosphere this year. There weren't as many people causing havoc as usual the message in the meetings was real and the music had a very different effect on people. People didn't leave the camp with the typical hype, What was said was real and there was no denying it. It seemed to stick with people, it was a really awesome camp in that respect.
In the Opawa youth group there was some great bonding time and most people got on really well together. There were a couple of really disappointing incidents that i just wont go into.
But other than those the camp on a whole was a success.
Great catching up with people i hadn't seen for a while as well.
A weekend with little sleep from 6 on Thursday morn till 8 Monday night i had 13 hours sleep and surprisingly i was still functioning.
Then on Tuesday i had work, so without a day off from Easter camp i have done 7 days work which is 46.75 hours as well as being a full time mum.
Today is my first day off and i am just relaxing.
My full time shifts finished this week and i am back to part time work, which i am very pleased about cos it was just taking everything out of me and i was no good for my kids.


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