Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My husband was away for the weekend, in Hanmer with the youth group.
I am not used to staying on my own so I decided to leave the dog inside overnight to keep me company. Well what a terrible night it turned out to be. Georgia woke up at midnight, the cats that normally sleep on Warwick wanted to sleep on me so every time I moved I hissed at or scratched. The cats kept waking me up wanting to get in and out of the blankets, Georgia wakes up at 4am for a feed, back to bed at 20 past. (Georgia doesn't normally wake at night until after 6) Alyssa comes into my bed after yelling at the top of her lungs that Henry was inside and should be outside. Alyssa continued to talk to the cats and move her feet and scratch me with her toe nails. 5.30 I could take anymore of it so I decided to go to the lou. On the way out I stand in dog pee, I hopped over to the bath to wash my foot and I looked down and found a giant dog crap an the bath mat. So I had to clean up the mess and put the dog outside and Alyssa back to bed. So on Saturday I had been up since 5.30.

The next night I asked a friend to stay over, but I must have been so tied that I slept through the baby crying and woke up to someone standing over me holding the baby. (Thank you very much for that.)

On Saturday I went up to Hanmer and I was surprised by what I found, every other camp I had been on there is always trouble, but the whole dynamic was different and everyone that was there at the time seemed to be bonding and enjoying themselves, it was great to see.


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