Thursday, December 01, 2005

30 Weeks

Well I have reached 30 weeks of pregnancy, which means 10 weeks to go. The reality is really starting to hit.
The babies room is full of junk, I mean you can barely open the door. So in ten weeks as well as dealing with Christmas and my husbands 30th, we have to clean out the room and paint it from top to bottom, put the new carpet in and find new curtains. As well as this we have to find the money for the paint and curtains. We have ceiling paint and paint for the windows left over from Alyssa's room but its the colour paint we need. Now if you have ever seen this room you will know why it needs to be painted and carpeted before it is inhabited.

My husband is doing temp work at the moment and there is no guarantee that he will have work every day right through. I also don't know how much longer I can work because the weight of this big belly is straining my back. So its a time we really have to trust in God.

Having a c-section last time didn't seem to effect me until this pregnancy, but the further through I get the more anxious I get about the birth. Also with a c-section you don't get to hold your baby until they have finished stiching you up. With Alyssa it them 10 minutes to get her out and 40 mins to sew me back up. That was forty mins that I couldn't hold my new born baby, I could only hold her hand.
I want to be the first one to hold this baby.
Also I missed out on giving Alyssa her first bath, because she had really bad wind and the midwife in the hospital took her for a bath to see if it would release some of the wind, while I slept. It didn't bother until now thinking about this baby and I want to the first one to bath this baby.

Its weird how things that haven't bothered you for three years are the things that haunt you the most when its time to go through them again.

I have also started experiencing leg cramps, now I'm a lucky person I have never broken a bone, dislocated anything, had stiches (except for my c-section scar) or even a bleeding nose (until my lovely daughter head butted me a few weeks ago) I had never had leg cramp either but yesterday when my husband arrived home from work, he woke me up, (I was having an afternoon nap) I moved my leg and got the most intense pain that wouldn't go away. The sharp pain left me screaming and it lasted at least five mins (no joke) the muscle in that leg is still sore now and I have been limping for almost a day because of it.
This morning when my husband woke me up, my other leg decided it would be fun to cramp. Luckily this one only lasted about 30 secs, didn't hurt anywhere near as much and my muscle is no longer sore. Maybe my husband should stop waking me up.

All and all I am coping but things are just starting to panic me a bit.


  • At 4:43 PM, Blogger EmmaSometimes said…

    Hi, I like your blog..stop by every now and then to read. I placed a link on my blog so you might have some more moms stop in.

    Don't worry too much. It all has a way of working out. It's normal to feel anxious (aka hormone city) but God does have some weird way of knowing what we need as if He made us and knows every hair on our head..oh wait.

    I've had two natural and two unexpected c-sections (breech babies)..all between 9 and 10 lbs. It all works out. I remember the frustrations of not being able to hold my c-sec babies. I have since seen doctors place the baby on mom's chest after delivery for a minute or two. Ask your doctor and see what he can do.....either that or your hubby can hold baby close to you.

    Think of this...if you cannot work much longer you will have the time you need time to paint and get the house in order. If you stay working, you will have the funds to make up what hubby doesn't work. If hubby doesn't work every day, he will have the time again to get it all done. If hubby's still good.

    I don't know you but what you have written, but your faith is evident. Don't let anyone or any worries take your joy! Be encouraged. :o)


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