Monday, August 28, 2006

Last night I had my ladies group, we were doing the prayer of jabez. Last night I thought it was really good and we got a good discussion going. It was about the difference between being spirit filled and having the anoyting or the power of the spirit. Not that I actually believed it but I have been told quite often that I don't have the Holy Spirit because I can't speak in tongues. Yet when you ask Jesus into your heart you invite the Holy spirit in as well and you become spirit filled. But the power of the holy spirit comes on you for a reason or a season. I you were anointed by the holy spirit all the time we would pass out with exhaustion. Anyway I found it good, that sort of fellowship is what my spirit has been longing for. I don'e feel so dry anymore.

Yesterday I met this beautiful we girl, she was almost 2 and she had something wrong with her where she had no control over her muscles. She couldn't sit up let alone walk or talk. She was so beautiful, today she is going in for an operation (I don;t know what for) but she isn't expected to live till the age of 3. My heart cried for this wee girl and she is on my heart to pray for. I believe God has a plan for this wee girl, bigger than what she is now, where I feel God is going to work with her and do something great.

Warwick's mother is not a very nice person, she has four children and only 1 still talks to her. Warwick hasn't talked to her in 7 years.
I am worried for Warwick as it has taken so long to get all of her crap out of him, and I am scared old Warwick will come back with her influence and I do not like old Warwick.
My thought is will her influence rub off on him again cos it can be easy to revert to old ways, or has God strengthened him enough to still be nice Warwick and not change.


  • At 8:08 PM, Blogger ElizabethB said…

    We glimpse the lives of others at times and are left with lasting impressions! I prayed for a similar little girl in the slums of Thailand, we need You so much in these situations God.

    Warwick has the Holy Spirit to empower him, he is also equipped with a caring wife. As you share this journey together he (and you) can be strengthened to endure! We will keep you in our prayers that God will raise you up to more than you could be without Him!


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