Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tomorrow I am going an a "ladies advance" (they call it that because we want to advance in God no retreat) with my cell group from my old church. I am very much looking forward to it. The last time I went away with these ladies Alyssa was only 4 months old. I have been going back to my old cell group for about a month and it has been nice doing in depth bible studies as a group and being able to share in a loving environment, and I have really missed that while being at Opawa.
Also before my Nana died I asked them to pray for her, because I knew that she was holding on to something and she needed to let go.
One of the ladies came up to me on Monday and said that God had woken her up in the middle of the night to pray for my Nana. She said there was unfinished business or an unfinished thought, but she felt that she had prayed my Nana through it, and I was the next morning that she died.
It gave me a sense of peace and closer to hear that.

My little Georgia is sitting up now and eating solids, very exciting
and my Lyssa can now ride her bike
I am very proud of both my girls


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