Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well yesterday I did the thing that is dreaded by all mothers. I locked my baby in the car.
Very silly I know but it was just so easily done.
What happened was my car has a push button to lock and unlock the car, the car relocks it self if a door isn't opened within about 30secs. Georgia's door doesn't seem to register when it opens cos if I dont open any other door in the car it locks again. The light doesn't even turn on when you open this door.
So I unlocked the car opened Georgia's door, as I did this Alyssa opened the gate and let the dog out. I put Georgia in the car seat (I didn't even do up her seat belt) gave her the keys to play with, shut the door and proceded to chase after the dog, when I got back to the car the door was locked and Georgia was happily sitting in her car seat sucking on my keys.
I went next door and rung my mother, when mum arrived I rung Warwick, and luckily he was being lead astray by another youth leader, bunking his class. Mum dropped Lyssa off at kindy as I was waiting patiently for Warwick to arrive Georgia fell asleep in the car. Next thing I can hear this car being absolutly screwed around the corner and then it appeared up my driveway.
Thank you Amy for bring Warwick home so quickly.
The funny thing was Warwick never takes his house keys with him but yesterday he did. Cos the spare car key was inside, the spare house key was on the car key ring and my house keys were in the car as well.
Praise God Warwick took his keys with him.
Just to clarify I was locked out of the car and the house.


  • At 9:59 PM, Blogger If not for Christ said…

    Funny! - although you probably didn't think so at the time. Glad things worked out so well for you all.

  • At 3:34 AM, Anonymous lynne said…

    Good team effort! I remember that sinking feeling. Kayli Anne locked in the car outside a printers, Shannon and I on the sidewalk. I was doing a job to save steve time ... he had to jog down from his work to let me back into the car ...


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