Monday, September 04, 2006


At the moment I am searching for answers to so many questions. Just where I fit, where Alyssa is going to go to school, and a few more, I am also fighting with insecurities of my own.
I suppose I am just wanting some conformation on some things so I don't feel quite so in the air, I like to be grounded.

There was a very interesting question that we stumbled across in my cell group last night, that caused a very long debate.

Q: Many Christians think that the more they know about God and the more active they are for him, the less they'll be tempted?

Why is caused such a discussion is this, In the prayer of Jabez it says "oh lord keep me from evil"
Now does this mean God will keep you from evil or keep you safe while going through evil. Because it is going through the hard times and temptations that make us grow as Christians, but is it limiting God to say that God won't keep these things away from us.

I have my opinion but its an interesting thought point.


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