Thursday, December 08, 2005

31 weeks

9 weeks to go.
Babies room: Well I still haven't even started to tidy it or clear it out, so painting is still a while off.
Leg cramps: Seem to be gone for now
Morning sickness: Seems to be returning
Body: Muscles becoming sore in lower abdomen
Car: Starting to struggle to get out of it
Alyssa gets frustrated its taking me longer to get out of the car so she climbs over the seat and pushes me out of the way.

Everything seems to be better this week Warwick has been working at the toilet duck factory, which he hates so he is trying a driving job at a timber yard. I haven't had any work this week and have enjoyed every minute of it.
It has been quite good I have had no work as Alyssa has had a nasty cold so I have stayed home with her all week, the great thing is at this stage I don't have the cold but Warwick does and he has lost his voice, so if anyone wants to hasstle him now is the time to do it because he can't answer back. Ha Ha

Its funny how no one talks to one another while waiting in a check out queue. I was in whittcouls yesterday and there was quite a long queue. No one was saying anything and minding there own business. Now I don't know what went through Alyssa's head but she wasn't going to stand for that, she started talking the the checkout girl, then the lady behind me, then the lady beside me. Well I am a shy person I don't like much attention but Alyssa makes sure that people notice both of us, all these ladies were talking back to her and saying how friendly and delightful she is, because of this I was forced to make polite conversation. Alyssa is probably doing me the world of good in that respect I just wish she wouldn't pick such public places.
My husband on the other loves the attention Alyssa brings and laps up every ounce of it, where as I would rather hide and have no one notice me.


  • At 4:26 PM, Blogger If not for Christ said…

    The old toilet duck factory! Debs worked in the office there part time while she was at Uni and Nath had a job there working Friday nights when he was at school. Man, did he smell of toilet duck when he came home at night! And everyone takes great delight in telling you what was being made in the factory before toilet ducks.

    Kids really do break down barriers. I pray that Alyssa never loses that gift of being able to talk to strangers - the church needs more like her.


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