Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Praise God

Well yesterday we went into the bank trusting God and hoping all things will turn out for the better, and did they what. Yesterday we were co owners of part of our house and now we are the sole of owners of our property in Aranui. Our personal banker said we have never let a payment slip so was glad to refinance our mortgage and pay off the smaller one and also give us a lone for the car we need because he trusts us to pay even on a limited income.
So yeah we are off to look at cars this morning with a thankful heart to God for all he has done for us. PRAISE GOD

If anyone has sat in the back seat of our car you will understand why we need a new one because to fit a rear facing car seat in the back is just not a practical thing. God has given us the means to get a bigger car which never thought would be possible until I was back at work.
Again I say all things are possible with Christ Jesus who strengthens us.

Praise God for the family member who put a rocket up our bottoms and forced us to rely on God.


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