Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It has been one week since the birth of Georgia and what a healing experience it has been. There were 3 things I wanted to do with this baby that I missed out on having Alyssa and I got to do all of them.
1) Have a natural birth
2)Be the first to hold the baby
3) Be the first to bath the baby
Its hard to describe the feeling that I have but I feel like a whole woman where as before I don't think I really did.
My husband asked me do I hold it against Alyssa for having a c-section and I said no of course not the problem wasn't with her, it was me, did I have the ability to do it. I love both my girls very much and how they came into the world has no effect on how I look at them it is more about how I look at my self.

I seem to have slipped back into being a mother of a baby really easily. I am finding that a second child is much easier than a first cos you know what you are doing and you already have one to look after so the new edition just has to slip into your life.
I am still on a high from the birth and I didn't even get the third day blues, I have more energy now than I did when I was pregnant, and at this stage things are going well.

When Georgia was born she was 7lb 14 which is pretty good considering she was so far over due and her sister who was on time was 7lb 11. By day six she was over her birth weight. My midwife said it can take up to 2 week for a baby to get back to their birth weight so I was pretty pleased with my achievement cos she is being fully breastfed.


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