Saturday, July 29, 2006

The funeral was a nice service, 5 out of 7 grandchildren were there and we carried her coffin out along with her God son. I know Nana would have liked that cos her favourite thing in the world was her grandchildren.
There is a story of when my Aunty was pregnant with her first child, she was dragged along to the CWI in Dunedin (where my nana was president) to Grandma's night. My nana was so desperate to go to grandma's night she took along a pregnant woman.
Her life revolved around her family and think she would be pleased to see so many of her family at her funeral.

The day before she died I had a dream that I was driving in a car with my Nana in the passenger seat and she had her memory restored to her and she knew who we all were, all the family and she said she was proud of us, and that was very nice.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Nana

In loving memory of
Margaret Helena Jamieson
22 September 1921 - 25 July 2006

To my Nana
I will always love you and appreciate everything you have done for me.
I will miss your big smile your laugh and your winks.
I will miss you singing to me and reading to me.
You have left a big inprint on my life that I am so greatful for.
But now you have passed, and I hope you are spreading as much joy in heaven as you did down here
I love you Nana and will miss you always
Your loving grandaughter
Rebecca Margaret

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mail box

I was talking to a friend last night about how we are in church, and we both said we felt dry, spiritually.
We continued talking and found we had similar views and ideas about things. One thing that I have been thinking about for a while is having a worship night, where we come together to worship God, no sermon, just continuous worship with music the whole time, and allowing time to really get into it without stopping all the time.

On another note

On thurday night Warwick and I didn't get much sleep. Georgia woke up 3 times, Alyssa kept waking up and climbing into our bed, the dog was howling all night and wouldn't stop and the cats were being more annoying than usual. We came to the conclusion that something spiritual was going on, so at 4.30 in the morning we prayed. We felt that what ever it was lay dormant but wasn't dealt with completly but just enough for us to get to sleep.
Tonight we went to an engagement party and was talking to a lady from out old church, and we told her what had happened and she said "do you have an issue with one of your neighbours" and we said not to our knowledge. then she said "do you know anyone who cant have children" and again we said no. Then she said she can see blue, a blue mail box or a mail box that looks like a house that is blue, and it is like someone has cursed you for having another child.
Warwick and I thought and prayed about this and on the way home from the engagement party, we saw a blue mail box on a house across the road from us. (In all the time we have lived here we have never spoken to these people and never noticed that they have a bright blue letter box.)
Warwick and I prayed and blessed the house across the road and broke any word spoken over us, and now we feel a real peace

God is awesome at how he reveals things to us

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My husband was away for the weekend, in Hanmer with the youth group.
I am not used to staying on my own so I decided to leave the dog inside overnight to keep me company. Well what a terrible night it turned out to be. Georgia woke up at midnight, the cats that normally sleep on Warwick wanted to sleep on me so every time I moved I hissed at or scratched. The cats kept waking me up wanting to get in and out of the blankets, Georgia wakes up at 4am for a feed, back to bed at 20 past. (Georgia doesn't normally wake at night until after 6) Alyssa comes into my bed after yelling at the top of her lungs that Henry was inside and should be outside. Alyssa continued to talk to the cats and move her feet and scratch me with her toe nails. 5.30 I could take anymore of it so I decided to go to the lou. On the way out I stand in dog pee, I hopped over to the bath to wash my foot and I looked down and found a giant dog crap an the bath mat. So I had to clean up the mess and put the dog outside and Alyssa back to bed. So on Saturday I had been up since 5.30.

The next night I asked a friend to stay over, but I must have been so tied that I slept through the baby crying and woke up to someone standing over me holding the baby. (Thank you very much for that.)

On Saturday I went up to Hanmer and I was surprised by what I found, every other camp I had been on there is always trouble, but the whole dynamic was different and everyone that was there at the time seemed to be bonding and enjoying themselves, it was great to see.