Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well yesterday I did the thing that is dreaded by all mothers. I locked my baby in the car.
Very silly I know but it was just so easily done.
What happened was my car has a push button to lock and unlock the car, the car relocks it self if a door isn't opened within about 30secs. Georgia's door doesn't seem to register when it opens cos if I dont open any other door in the car it locks again. The light doesn't even turn on when you open this door.
So I unlocked the car opened Georgia's door, as I did this Alyssa opened the gate and let the dog out. I put Georgia in the car seat (I didn't even do up her seat belt) gave her the keys to play with, shut the door and proceded to chase after the dog, when I got back to the car the door was locked and Georgia was happily sitting in her car seat sucking on my keys.
I went next door and rung my mother, when mum arrived I rung Warwick, and luckily he was being lead astray by another youth leader, bunking his class. Mum dropped Lyssa off at kindy as I was waiting patiently for Warwick to arrive Georgia fell asleep in the car. Next thing I can hear this car being absolutly screwed around the corner and then it appeared up my driveway.
Thank you Amy for bring Warwick home so quickly.
The funny thing was Warwick never takes his house keys with him but yesterday he did. Cos the spare car key was inside, the spare house key was on the car key ring and my house keys were in the car as well.
Praise God Warwick took his keys with him.
Just to clarify I was locked out of the car and the house.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Last night I had my ladies group, we were doing the prayer of jabez. Last night I thought it was really good and we got a good discussion going. It was about the difference between being spirit filled and having the anoyting or the power of the spirit. Not that I actually believed it but I have been told quite often that I don't have the Holy Spirit because I can't speak in tongues. Yet when you ask Jesus into your heart you invite the Holy spirit in as well and you become spirit filled. But the power of the holy spirit comes on you for a reason or a season. I you were anointed by the holy spirit all the time we would pass out with exhaustion. Anyway I found it good, that sort of fellowship is what my spirit has been longing for. I don'e feel so dry anymore.

Yesterday I met this beautiful we girl, she was almost 2 and she had something wrong with her where she had no control over her muscles. She couldn't sit up let alone walk or talk. She was so beautiful, today she is going in for an operation (I don;t know what for) but she isn't expected to live till the age of 3. My heart cried for this wee girl and she is on my heart to pray for. I believe God has a plan for this wee girl, bigger than what she is now, where I feel God is going to work with her and do something great.

Warwick's mother is not a very nice person, she has four children and only 1 still talks to her. Warwick hasn't talked to her in 7 years.
I am worried for Warwick as it has taken so long to get all of her crap out of him, and I am scared old Warwick will come back with her influence and I do not like old Warwick.
My thought is will her influence rub off on him again cos it can be easy to revert to old ways, or has God strengthened him enough to still be nice Warwick and not change.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tomorrow I am going an a "ladies advance" (they call it that because we want to advance in God no retreat) with my cell group from my old church. I am very much looking forward to it. The last time I went away with these ladies Alyssa was only 4 months old. I have been going back to my old cell group for about a month and it has been nice doing in depth bible studies as a group and being able to share in a loving environment, and I have really missed that while being at Opawa.
Also before my Nana died I asked them to pray for her, because I knew that she was holding on to something and she needed to let go.
One of the ladies came up to me on Monday and said that God had woken her up in the middle of the night to pray for my Nana. She said there was unfinished business or an unfinished thought, but she felt that she had prayed my Nana through it, and I was the next morning that she died.
It gave me a sense of peace and closer to hear that.

My little Georgia is sitting up now and eating solids, very exciting
and my Lyssa can now ride her bike
I am very proud of both my girls

Monday, August 07, 2006

Be patient

When I was a teenager I used to carry around a little card in my wallet that said "Be patient, God isn't finished with me yet"
I have started going back to my ladies cell group at my old church, and I am really enjoying doing in depth bible studies with other woman.
At the moment we are doing the prayer of Jabez bible study about expanding territory.
I felt God place on my heart that I was going to start something, I don't know what or where but something.
I felt though God and I had a lot bit of work to do on sorting me out first (my hard heart)
Once I experience the true freedom that can only come from God, and with Gods help I can expand my territory for God

Be patient, God isn't finished with me yet.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Over the past two weeks I have been struggling with a lot of stuff. Looking back I was ready and excepted the woman in the bed to die, but I didn't count on the connection would be made again. What I mean is I had separated my Nana and this woman lying in the bed for a long time, but when she died the two were brought back together and all the memories and everything came flooding back, it was like losing her all over again.
So I was left with this huge range of emotions not knowing what to do with them or how to deal with them.
I felt as though I had a door close in my heart to God and everyone around me. I felt as though I needed a shoulder to cry on but there were none around that were my size, and there were people saying "well you must have known she was going to die" and that made me think is it wrong for me to cry.
I felt that I was hurting but I wasn't aloud to show it, "you have to be strong for your kids" don't let them see you upset"
This leads to my next question, why? why not let them see it. Is grieving a thing that is frowned upon in New Zealand?
This is the first person close to me that has died and I just don't know where to put myself, I feel lost.

Anyway on Sunday the sermonettes that were spoken were on Elizabeth and Mary. And the relationship of an older and younger woman, and even though the difference in age they both looked up to each other.
I was talking to someone after church and she said it was her dream that one day there will be an Elizabeth for every Mary in Opawa.
And is it that there are many other young woman crying out for an Elizabeth to share some of there them wisdom and encouragement with them.
And are there many experienced woman with the longing to share some of there wisdom and encouragement to Mary's.
Is there a need for a group/place where you can go and be real about yourself and not be judged or frowned upon but have a love and understanding that only a sister in Christ could give. Someone to sit with you when life is crashing down.
Thoughts to ponder and pray about.